"IF"...Fat loss and lean muscle tissue growth at the same time, is this possible?

January 10, 2017 1 Comment

In theory Intermittent Fasting contradicts everything anyone has ever known, or thought they knew, about dieting or getting in shape, especially within the bodybuilding community. I know personally I was taught to eat every two hours all day, 6-8 meals a day...I lived this for 20 years. This does in fact work in regards to fat loss and will perform when trying to pack on size, but this method will force you to choose, it's one or the other, one at a time,  you must take your pick... What if I told you, Intermittent Fasting can permit you to pack on size and cut fat at the same time, would you be intrigued? 

The dream of packing on mass and shedding body fat at the same time has evaded so many, for so many years. "IF" combined with strategic supplementation and proper nutrition has the ability to make this dream a reality. 

When we refrain from eating or fast there are many incredible, anti-aging, cholesterol lowering, disease preventing biological responses that transpire throughout the body. For right now let's focus on fat loss and lean muscle tissue growth. 

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are aware of the importance of Growth Hormone and the significant role it plays in regard to fat loss and lean muscle tissue, especially as you age. Scientific research indicates that after just one 24 hour fast, Growth Hormone levels within the body rise 2,000% in men and 1,400% in women. Mind you this is without the aid of GH re-leasers, peptides, and/or supplements; this is a completely natural, biological response of Intermittent Fasting. As you can imagine, strategic supplementation and proper nutrition have the ability to take this to the next level all together. 

Fasting will allow the body to release Growth Hormone during the day, which is an incredible phenomenon in itself. Tweaking this beautiful biological response at just the right times will make all the difference in the world in regard to to GH secretion, and ultimately, fat loss and lean muscle tissue growth. I would compare the results of "IF" and proper GH secretion supplementation to that of a therapeutic, anti-aging dose, of 2 IUs of injectable Growth Hormone per day; minus the needles and at a fraction of the cost! Fat loss is covered, but what about the mass aspect of the equation...Where does the size come in, you ask?

QUALITY CALORIES IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION...Intermittent Fasting works on many different levels and can be used successfully by different people trying to achieve a variety of results. Fat loss, anti-aging and overall health and well-being will be the result of anyone who is fasting, but what makes this lifestyle so incredibly versatile and allows it to work on so many levels, is the calories that are consumed while in the "feeding" phase of the day.

My mother, who is 70 years young, follows the same Fasting/ Feeding schedule as I do; as mentioned above, calorie choices make this possible. If we want to strip body fat and pack on some size at the same time, it all reverts back to calories, both the quantity and the quality. The difference is with "IF" you can shred body fat while in the "fasting" phase and pack on size when in the "feeding" phase if you are supplementing properly and eating the right food. "IF" is really a very interesting concept that is backed by science, give it a shot, it may just work for you!


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November 30, 2018

Im totally impressed with this product ,I have been using this product for a couple months and the fat loss and energy has been incredible. I’m a huge eater and I just recently was able to do my first 24 hour fast because of this product.. Gym pumps are sick ,blood flow amazing.. I highly recommend it.. Im definitely IF4LIFE

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