Clinical Research

"Supplementation of diet with plant derived phytochemicals has attracted significant attention to prevent the onset of many chronic diseases including cardiovascular impairments, cancer, and metabolic disorder." The relationship between phytochemicals and disease prevention has been a major focus of health research for almost half a century. Studies at the biochemical and even molecular level are providing new information about the role phytochemicals play in preventing, and sometimes treating disease.

Fit Body Fasting Fuel contains three phytochemicals, Matcha( EGCG), Moringa Leaf, and Jiaogulan( Gynostemma pentaphyllum), which have been clinically proven to activate AMPK, reduce the risks of cancer, improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

A recent study indicates the combination of a polyphenol supplemented diet and Fasting will extend life span further then Fasting alone. 

Medical studies from the National Library of Medicine:






The National Library of Medicine proves fasting is beneficial to your health:

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