IFFuel Overview


"It is very easy to fast with this product plus it gives me energy. Ive been doing it a week today and lost 8 lbs already." Marc Cutri

"Exercising with this product while fasting is incredible, insane endurance and have been able to push myself further each workout."  Ray B.

"Let me tell you from the 1st time I used if-fuel I was able to fast 19 hours and by day 4 I did my 1st 24 hour fast." Anthony B. 

"My pumps and strength have actually increased, my stomach is tightening daily."               Nick Celentano 

"When I get home from the gym I'm starving but this quells my hunger and allows me to fast several more hours. My workouts and pumps are also greatly improved."             Darren Brody

"I can not hold my pants up, I feel great! I was 180 a week ago and I slimmed down to 175 in a week." Jonathin N. 

"lost 4 lbs but mostly from my abs. With if-fuel mornings are a breeze." John U.

"Before if-fuel I was running 1 mile every 3 day's, now I am running 4 miles like it's nothing. I also have a lot more energy and my skin looks much better." Rickey T.

"Helped tremendously with energy and cravings." Antonio R.


  • Comfortably extend fasting intervals/ stabilize hunger

  • Feed the body without disrupting the "fasted state"

  • Safe and productive "fasted" workouts

  • Support healthy blood sugar

  • Promote healthy Growth Hormone production

  • Assist in repair and recovery of muscle tissue 

  • Promote a healthy metabolic rate, support lean muscle tissue growth/ increase endurance

  • Enhance mental focus 

  • Support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels 

  • Zero "transition phase" for those entering the world of "IF"

IF-FUEL company logo, IF4LIFE. IF4LIFE offers cutting edge nutritional supplements for your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with some of the worlds most powerful and capable phyto-nutrients, super-foods, and anti-oxidants. IF-FUEL will allow to exercise safely and productively while remaining in the "fasted state."