Learn how to eat the right foods, increase your energy, lose weight and finally keep the pounds through a combination of Intermittent Fasting, supplementation and proper nutrition.

Understand the right foods can allow you to eat filling amounts and satisfy your hunger, but not worry about going overboard on calories. Identify which foods will negatively effect blood sugar and insulin, increasing both fat storage and hunger. 

This will require a  basic understanding of nutrition... "Feeding" is of equal  important's to its counter part( Fasting.) Often this is overlooked, under researched and under prepared. This will not work...

Although it is likely you will still lose weight eating unhealthy in the short term, internally you are counter acting most of the incredible health benefits Intermittent Fasting has to offer. 

In order to maximize fat loss and Fasting's unparalleled ability to positively improve health you must you must eat the right foods and supplement correctly; foods and supplements that compliment Fasting not contradict it. 

Combining foods that provide antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals with Intermittent Fasting will supercharge results both internally and externally. 

This practice will transition the body in a 24/7 disease preventing, fat burning, anti-aging machine!

First you must recognize Intermittent Fasting is not a diet...Rather it is a sustainable, realistic approach to achieving good health and long term weight loss. 

Ultimately reaching your weight loss goals and attaining eternal good health will require a shift in lifestyle and a basic understanding of nutrition.

With "Fit Body Fasting" you will begin to look at food differently. Eating in a smaller window will require you maximize your nutritional intake, in other words, make everything count.

Food should be your fuel, eat out of hunger, not for thrill. This does not mean food should not be enjoyed, it just means eat with a bit of strategy, eat for a purpose. Learning to eat like this will will increase energy as well as help make better food choices. 

Ingest the right carbohydrates AT THE RIGHT TIMEthe right fats, quality protein, vegetables and fruit and lose weight without feeling deprived.

Download "Nutritional Guidelines," a comprehensive guide to proper nutrition, "Understanding Nutrition/ Putting it all together," and Fit Body Fasting Phases 1-3 with your order confirmation email.